Our shop covers 2860 square feet and has 8 rooms of products. It was built in 1896. Here are a couple of early photos:

This photo from around 1900, shows the Manderville Dry Goods store, built in 1896 and just to the north was the Sunset Grocery. Today the Eagle's Nest occupies both sides of the building. Note that what is now 2nd Ave. was a dirt street.

This is the inside of 135 N 2nd around the 1930's when it was Detweiller's Harness Shop.

Marion & Jolene are the

artists/owners of the Eagle's Nest. Marion is of Choctaw descent and has been doing various art work most of his life. He occasionally appears in Western movies & commercials. Jolene taught school for many years & started painting only since opening the shop, but has collected a few awards.